When placing your order the courier fees will automatically be calculated on the invoice page when the delivery method has been checked. 

We deliver free within the Gisborne City limits. When delivered by our rep (on his next sales trip) free delivery is available to our customers on the East Coast north of Gisborne and around to Opotiki, Wairoa and Mahia areas (Please check the correct delivery method and comment in the comments section). If delivery is required outside of those terms please refer to the table below.

COURIER FEE TABLES (All prices exclude GST)

Purchase Value                                     $0-$100            $101-$200            $201-$300

East Coast & Opotiki                             $15.00              $20.00                  $25.00               

Wairoa Mahia                                         $15.00              $20.00                  $25.00

North  Island                                           $15.00              $20.00                  $25.00                                         

Rural NI                                                    $26.00              $31.00                  $36.00            

South Island                                            $22.00              $27.00                  $32.00   

Rural SI                                                    $26.00               $31.00                 $36.00